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‘Cry of Hindu Tripuras’ Abul Khair group desperate eviction to 70 families by showing rifles.

Abul Khair Group of Industry Limited has been accused of evicting 70 Hindu Tripura families from Sonaichhari Tripura Para under Sitakunda Police Station in Chittagong by showing their barrels with rifles. This industrial group is preventing the construction of houses on their land. This helpless and poor people are lost for fear of losing their settlements.

It is learned that there are 70 poor Tripura Hindu families living in Sitakunda Tripura Para Abul Khair Group of Industries has a huge factory 1 km away from their settlement. It is alleged that Abul Khair’s group has been trying to oust the Tripura Hindu peoples for a long time by claiming the place. Three years ago, when Abul Khair’s group tried to build a border fence by erecting a signboard in place of Tripura, they also got into trouble with Tripura. At that time the problem was solved but once again the people of Tripura became desperate to get out of the houses and settlements.

On Friday (May 14th), Abul Khair’s group again became desperate to evict the Tripura people and relocate them. When it came to barbed wire fences over their settlements, the Tripuras resisted Meanwhile, the armed security forces of the factory, Ansar and some locals, threatened to face dire consequences if the helpless Tripuras did not move out of the settlement. The incident has created a tense situation in the Tripura area.

Mohammad Imrul Quader Bhuiyan, senior manager (admin) of Abul Khair Group, said that, they were constructing houses on the site of Abul Khair Group, 1 km north of Tripura village. They did this on the occasion of Eid holiday. This is not an eviction; this is the place of Abul Khair’s group. We have submitted all the documents of our land to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer. He assured us that, he would give us a solution within three days based on the paper. It is not right to think that a big industrial group like Abul Khair will occupy anyone’s land. Some people are spreading misinformation about this through social media.

Kanchan Tripura, the second trader in the Tripura area, said Abul Khair’s group was obstructing the construction of houses in our place. We are afraid for our lives. A few years ago UNO Sir told us to move to a place in the slum area of ​​Jungle Salipur. We didn’t go because we didn’t like the place. We don’t want to leave our ancestral homestead. We want to live in peace in the mountains.

However, Milton Roy, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, refused to accept the eviction. According to him, it cannot be called eviction. Because there is no Tripura settlement in the place claimed by Abul Khair. An open space next to the Tripura settlement. We can measure the place and then tell who the place is. We told both sides to stay calm. Earlier, while constructing houses for the landless in this place, Abul Khair’s group claimed the land and prevented them from building houses.

Source: Chattogram Pratidin by Chowdhury Mahbub//WHSC//NRB

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