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Terrorists attacks in the newspaper office and Hindu houses for publishing reports against local MPs over temple occupation and various forms of corruption.

Terrorists have attacked the newspaper office and nearby Hindu houses for publishing reports against local MPs over temple occupation and various forms of corruption.

The incident took place on Monday (19/04/2021) at around 1:00 pm. It has been alleged that 4/5 journalists were injured in the attack. The assailants raided many Hindu houses in the vicinity of the newspaper office and looted many valuables.

Sushant Das Gupta, publisher and editor of Dainik Amar Habiganj, and Sudipta Sarkar, another Facebook user, posted on their respective Facebook timelines about the attack. The information obtained from their post is highlighted below:

Newspaper reports against local MPs for occupying temple land and various forms of corruption, vandalizing newspaper offices and Hindu homes.

In the presence of Sadar Thana police in Chiriakandi area of ​​Habiganj, several Hindu houses including the office of “Dainik Amar Habiganj” were attacked, vandalized and looted. An organization called “Sachetan Nagarik Samaj” staged a protest procession demanding the closure of “Dainik Amar Habiganj” at around 1:00 pm on Monday and it is learned that the violence was carried out from that procession. District Juba League president and Habiganj municipality mayor Ataur Rahman Selim and district Chhatra League secretary Mahibur Rahman Mahi were also present at the spot during the attack. At first, several hundred people gathered at the entrance of the office of the daily Amar Habiganj, including Noabad and Shankar’s Mouth, at various points in the vicinity with weapons.

At one point during the gathering, they started attacking the newspaper office, and on the way, they attacked the house of Sushant Das Gupta’s father-in-law, the editor and publisher of the newspaper. During this time, the terrorists vandalized various doors, windows and furniture of his house and looted. Even the water tanks and water pipes of the house were demolished. After vandalizing the furniture, valuable gold ornaments, cash, bank checks and other valuables of the house were looted. At that time the editor of the daily Amar Habiganj took shelter on the roof of the house. The attack lasted for about two and a half hours. The assailants also attacked and vandalized several Hindu houses in the area.

At one stage of the attack and violence, 100/150 people tried to enter the office of “Dainik Amar Habiganj” newspaper with local weapons. Unable to enter later, they threw brickbats at the office. 4/5 journalists in the office were injured in the brick attack. It may be mentioned that recently news was published about the district Awami League president and Habiganj-3 MP Abu Zahir occupying the place of a temple in Habiganj.

Sushant Dasgupta and the victim’s Hindu families are alleging that the attack was carried out jointly by local mayor Ataur Rahman Selim for occupying the Charak Puja site and publishing news against Farhad Hossain Kali over corruption in the district sports body. Hindu families have been in a state of panic since the attack.

Currently, RAB has been deployed in the area along with additional police to avoid any untoward situation. How did hundreds of people gather during the officially announced lockdown in the Corona epidemic and carry out such attacks??? If there is so much anger in the newspaper because of the report about the occupation of the temple place or if the newspaper report is false, then why the newspaper office and the Hindu house were attacked and looted without following the legal system??? I demand a judicial inquiry into who was behind the attack and who was directly involved in it, what their motives were, as well as exemplary punishment by bringing the perpetrators to justice.


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