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Hindu woman die even after paying interest three times, husband left village!

Kayesh Talukder, a trader of interest, did not stop to harassment taking three times of interest and settlement land.

After torturing the victim Rakhal Bhadra, he left the village and then jumped on his wife Purnima. The housewife had to lose her dignity in front of her two children and give up her life.

Akash, the son of the deceased, has been given death threats to cover up the incident. Following that, they are preparing to occupy victim family’s huge land by making a boundary wall. Despite all this, no one was questioned in the revelation of the mystery. Rather the police have included a UD case.

Akash Bhadra (15), a 10th class student and son of the deceased, and his family have narrated such a tragic incident. After the incident, those involved went into hiding, but now they are bragging openly. Besides, those involved are using tactics to cover up the incident. The incident took place on April 9 in Bhagirabad village of Jainkathi union near Patuakhali district town.

Purnima’s husband Rakhal Bhadra told Jugantar that he took interest of Tk 235,000 from Kayesh Talukder, son of local Dulal Talukder, in early 2016 due to financial crisis. Kayesh was given an unwritten stamp and a blank check as security. Rakhal Bhadra  pays the full amount of interest at the rate of 8% per month for four consecutive years.

When asked to return the check-stamp after payment, Kayesh started procrastinating. At one point in procrastinating, Kayesh pressured the Rakhal Bhadra to giving write off his house and land. When Rakhal Bhadra objected to this, publicly beat him in the Sehakathi market and warned him to remain silent. In the face of various threats, Kayesh wrote off 24% cent of the land in the name of his cousin Abdul Based, 21% in the name of his sister-in-law Md. Rab and 6% in his own name, icluding total 51% land.

Kayesh Gang became desperate to take possession of the written land. In September last year, took him in the back of the Jainkathi Union Parishad, beat him and told him to leave the village.  Rakhal Bhadra left the house after three days of torture. In his absence, Kayesh harassed his wife in various ways.

Kayesh Gang tortured and killed his wife on the basis of interest money. According to the family, he was late to leave Pirojpur. Arriving at Patuakhali, he informed the Sadar Police Station. Police SI Shamim recovered the body from the house and sent it for autopsy.

Rakhal’s sister Shobha Rani told Jugantar that Kayesh Gang started harassing Purnima in the absence of her husband. From time to time he would come to the house with people and threaten them. He started talking on his mobile phone and talking about various obscene things including sexual harassment. Late at night, he would throw stones at the door of the house and knock on the door, causing panic. To get rid of the harassment, Purnima used to take shelter in another room of the house every night.

She said, Kayesh could have reached there by making a source. On the day of the incident, April 8, Purnima went to sleep at Monika’s house. In the middle of the night, a two-year-old girl came to her house to stop crying. Then Purnima fell asleep in her room with her two children in the middle.

Akash Bhadra, son of the deceased, told Jugantar, “We woke up on April 9 at around 3 am when we heard the sound of tin in the back of the house.” The mother is lying on the ground with a cloth wrapped around her neck. The mother had bruises on her neck, forehead, and bruises on her left arm and below the knee. Hearing the sound of waking up, it was thought that 3-4 people had left the house quickly.

The Rakhal’s old mother Saraswati Rani said, “I saw 5-6 people rushing out of the back door of the house.” But I did not recognize anyone in the dark. I woke up and saw my daughter-in-law lying on the ground. Let everyone know later.

The two doctors on duty at the autopsy said the victim had bruises on his forehead, left arm and marks below the knee. It is unknown at this time to say what were happened then. Will have to wait for the report.

Sumon Bhadra, the son of the shepherd’s brother, said, “Even after all this, Kayesh Gang has buried a huge plot of land in front of our house in a pillar to occupy. Earlier, Kayesh came to my current workplace in Amtali with threats.

Jainkathi UP chairman Firoz Alam said, “Rakhal was working in my NGO. He was simple and faithful. I came to the scene after hearing that in public. But I see the impression of fear on the face of the victim’s family. Locals say Kayesh was not in the area after the incident. Come home on April 13 and see what will happen in it?

In this context, the accused Kayesh Talukder said, I am not involved in this incident. I bought the land with money.

Sadar Police Station SI Shamim, who recovered the body, declined to comment.

Additional Superintendent of Police Sadar Circle Khan Mohammad Mukit Hasan said the victim had not informed the police in this manner. However, we will look into the matter anew and take necessary action.

Source: Daily Jugantar. Date: 16/04/2021

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