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Fundamentalist attacks minorities every day, and the government silently supports them. Specifically, in Bangladesh and Pakistan, it happened openly and steadily. No one cares about minorities. Everything is going against minorities day by day, and the government covertly supports ethnic cleansing. This is the time to protect them who are violating human rights around the world.

Who We Are

Global Human Rights Defenders

The organization uses advocacy, litigation, and public campaigns to advance people's rights globally. Through advocacy, the WHSC provides expertise and support to human rights defenders while holding those in power accountable for their actions.

Minority Rights Group International

WHSC works on promotion of rights of minorities and cooperation between communities.The organization also actively works on improving people's access to justice and freedom through increased respect for their civil and political rights.

International Society for Human Rights

Our main areas of work include support of individuals who are discriminated, persecuted and imprisoned because of their religious beliefs or political affiliation, public relations related to human rights issues and education on human rights issues for those who live in countries that are transitioning to democracy.

Our Activities





What We Do

Deliver Legal Support To Stop Ethnic Persecution

WHSC condemns all forms of Ethnic Cleansing and Persecution. We can deliver Legal or Moral support to the affected communities or groups worldwide through our strong Legal Cell.

Promote Sustainable Development For The Underprivileged

We facilitate projects for the alleviation of poverty. Uplift people morally and socially and empower them with basic needs for education residing in slums, villages or urban areas of a country.

Protect Minorities Rights & Human Rights Worldwide

We work to protect minorities like The Hindus, Buddhists, Druzes, Yazidis, Assyrians and other small and ethnic groups across the globe.

Maintain International Peace and Human Rights

To bring about universal love, peace and harmony worldwide by reiterating and reaffirming the fundamental principles of Humanity and supporting Human Rights groups and activists.

Our Development Goal

  • Education

    To make sure education for all Minorities Children for self sustenance.

  • Digital Transformation

    To create new or modify existing business processes, culture to meet changing modern world requirements.

  • Democracy Governance

    Minorities are also the citizen of every state so they should have the same rights.

  • Community Building

    Building a field of practice directed towards the creation of community with a common need.

  • Peace & Conflict Resolution

    Works to the non-violent management and resolution of conflicts.

  • Youth Empowerment

    To make the youth aware of their rights and put them into practice we are working on.

  • Online Business

    Create online platform for Minorities and assist in self-sustained businesses.

Help The People Around

Help To Stop Human Rights Violations

Helping others is a great way to spread joy to others and get the most out of life. Whether you’re helping out at home, in your community or the nation there are a number of opportunities that you can take to make yourself feel contented and fortunate by helping people in need.WHSC is committed to bring about a renaissance in how we can help the people in need or in distress. Instead of lending financial help and helping superficially, we would like to go to the core issues to solve the basic problems with the help of related authorities or administrations. This will help in addressing the issues form the core and in a sustained manner for a longer period of time. There are so many people around, and each of them has a story to tell. It’s really heartbreaking to see that every day, millions of stories die without ever being heard. We, at WHSC, feel that it is our responsibility as Human Rights Organizations to bring these narratives together, to unite them and to create a whole new world where lives are more important than any materialistic objects.
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Help People Devastated by Natural Disasters

Humankind is increasingly facing newer challenges as the 21st century is progressing. Humans are under threat of existence as regional conflicts rages in different parts of the world. Global warming and climate change have triggered severe natural disastrous. Floods, landslides, forest fires have set the tone of an impending doom we are heading towards at a very rapid pace. Effected people face a huge challenge in coping up in these situations without the help, assistance and support from other quarters.Traumatized people, after some major natural disaster, with little or no belongings, needs acute care and assistance from the governments, administrations or NGO’s from around the world.WHSC understands the gravity of those people in sufferings and severe distress and is working to construct and consolidate a mechanism to impart immediate relief to the victims. Responding in time to people in distress is challenging, because depending on the situation it may trigger mismanagements and logistical issues. WHSC will co-operate with governments and other agencies and share information, if necessary and willingly volunteer in any such humanitarian crisis. When the massive cyclone Yash happened and devastated East and West Medinipur, Howrah, Hoogly and Kolkata of West Bengal, India, we were humbly grateful to send truck loads of relief materials like rice bags, oil, baby food, powdered milk, biscuits, potato and other essentials to the people who lost their belongings and were devastated by the strong cyclonic storm and subsequent floods. Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, which was still razing and partial lockdowns was still on, we had to face many challenges and had to take extra care and precautions. Though a challenging task, we contacted with the local authorities and were subsequently able to send two truckloads of relief materials, food, baby food and other essentials on the 3rd and 7th June, 2021. Our chief financial advisor Mr. Prasanna Kumar Roy, took this great initiative to stand by the homeless and devastated people who had no shelter or anything to eat. Families were skipping meals and the worst sufferers and most vulnerable were the children who were facing starvation. WHCS will always work for people in distress and we will overcome all odds that stand our way and come forward to help.
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Help The Child Care And Education Project

Children are the most vulnerable to the society. United Nations International Children’s Emergency Funds (UNICEF), is the internationally renowned agency that provide both humanitarian and development assistance to children worldwide. Focus on a variety of ways to help, such as improving literacy rates and providing food to hungry children. Efforts are being made on an international level to positively impact children living in poverty or war zones. Malnutrition is a major issue in most of the low gross national income (GNI) countries.WHSC solemnly commits itself in providing basic education, nutritious nourishment, regular health checkups and other assistances for developments of children. We are also working to offer training programs so that children and youth from different sect, groups or backward classes can attain these trainings for their betterment to break the cycle of poverty. Special cares for children who are traumatized from child labour, sexual abuses, bullying or chronic diseases are an extensive part of our agenda.
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To stop human rights violation and save the humanity, you can join with World Hindu Struggle Committee as a volunteer.To help the people, raise their voice and protest yourself and your community, WHSC is always standing with you.
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