The Journey of World Hindu Struggle Committee

On 20th August 2000 Mr. Shipan Kumar Basu's relative Advocate Kalidas Baral, who was a popular Hindu leader in Bangladesh was murdered, and he got jailed for one month 17 days because he protested the killing of his fellow Hindu brother, he was a student at that time and soon after that got married to Sabita Basu in India. His family and relatives have been on both sides of Bengal from a pre-independence era (West Bengal & Bangladesh).

In pursuit of justice, he ran from place to place and eventually started contacting the International community.

In 2005 Mr. Basu contacted Human Rights activist Dr Richard L. Benkin and stated to give information’s of “Human Rights violations on Hindus in Bangladesh to him”.In 24th February 2008, Dr Richard Benkin was present in a conference in Moitri Sammillany Hall, Siliguri addressing the problems of refugees and the commencement of strong ties between Hindus and Jews started. You can find the references in “A Quiet Case of Ethnic Cleansing: The Murder of Bangladesh’s Hindus” by Richard L. Benkin.

In 2011 in US Congressman Robert Dold presented the crime against Hindus in Bangladesh in the US Parliament.

In 2013, 16th to 21st February, Dr Richard L Benkin visited Bangladesh to see the plight of Hindus as a part of International Human Rights Community in Bangladesh and meet Hindu MPs, Home Minister, Law Minister and Foreign Minister. The Hindu MP’s were instructed to raise voice for Hindu community where we got the reply that on raising voice for Hindus their membership in the party gets cancelled.

Before the visit of Bangladesh, he met Gujrat CM Mr Narendra Modi and on his return from Bangladesh Mr. Basu submitted the completed documentation of the plight of Hindus in Bangladesh on 25th Feb 2013.

In 2014 during general elections, with a renewed energy the Muslim radicals started doing all types of atrocities on Hindus. In this year the leader of Jamaat-e-Islam got hanged, who was Rajakars during 1971 war of Independence and never supported the formation of Bangladesh. In that year in Bangladesh, many temples were demolished, at that time I was Working President of In Search of Roots affiliated with Interfaith strength, an organisation of Dr Richard L Benkin, USA.


In this pursuit of justice, Mr. Basu had to sell land of Mr. Basu father and whatever he could earn from business and funded the whole effort himself, from 2014-15 he was continuously appealing to International Community that Bangladeshi Hindus are losing everything and are becoming landless as at that time Bangladesh was and is a haven for killing Hindus. If they run to India, they become refugees.

In 2015 Mr. Basu's friend, brother and guide Mr Mendi Safadi came to New Delhi, India in response to his appeal for Hindu genocide in Bangladesh. Along with him, Mr Aslam Chowdhury (Member of Bangladesh Nationalist Party and Governor of Lions Club) had a meeting at Constitution Club of India,. On return to Bangladesh, Mr Aslam Chowdhury got arrested and is still in prison.

In 2016 officially the brotherhood of Hindus and Jews, Druze was established on Mr.basu's letter to the Israel Prime Minister which were published in Jerusalem Online.

The struggle is still on. Sheikh Hasina has been a religious fanatic and has been an inspiration for the establishment of innumerable Madarsha’s. She has been the prime source of funding them in different ways illegally. Mr. Basu had much support from various departments of Government of India, and they have inspired him to go ahead with this struggle. For the last 20 years, World Hindu Struggle committee is trying to keep the flag of Hindusim hosted with pride. We have been fighting for Hindu rights in Bangladesh and presently India and is intending to pursue the same in Nepal, Pakistan and Afganistan. We have been the preacher and supporter of Akhanda Bharat (United India) as the division of India has not been with the consent of the masses at large and neither it has solved any problem of the subcontinent. Even the freedom movement was for United India. We are fighting radical Muslims as Islamic extremism is trying to engulf our culture and heritage. We are not against Islam rather we are against radical Muslims and Jamaat and as the enemy’s enemy is our friend, we befriended Jews, Druze and Yazidis along the journey. Jews have agreed to help in our cause with Technology, Education, Human Resource Development and Entrepreneurship Development and other necessary things required for a self-reliant and stable society and to aid us in the fight against terrorism and consolidate world peace. In this journey Mendi Safadi with his team has been working tirelessly, great support and inspiration and representative to the United Nations, Zurich, USA, and European Parliament for the cause of Hindus.

Mr. Basu's articles has been published in Jerusalem Online, Israel News Online, Times of Israel, Jews Press, The Jerusalem Post, The Daily Mail, Voice of America and other many newspapers globally.

Mr. Basu have been vocal for Hindus from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Kashmir, Pakistan Afghanistan against ISIS, Al Qaeda, HUJI, JMB, Harkat ul Mujahideen, ARSA (Rohingya Extremists)

The source of Funds presently is self-financing and funds from few businessmen like our advisor Prasanna Kumar Roy and others. As we complete the ongoing National committees of different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and India. We will be more active in the pursuit of funds with your valued advice as a patron. In other words, we require your blessings. Please note the Federation of Yezdis has already invited us on 10, 11, 12 September in the Sochi, Russia.